Monday, 7 September 2015


This was the fun part of the process; as the author I could make suggestions for a visual wraparound of my words. Imagine. The equivalent of giving caterers suggestions for a buffet spread or choosing the fabric, design and finish for that special occasion dress.

Empathetic, inclusive and collaborative, Ms. G, the cover designer asked the right questions and crafted this dreamy, almost bridal concoction. 

The result is reminiscent of the opening credits of the eighties TV version of Pride and Prejudice - yes, the one with Colin Firth. The milk jug and tea cup are inviting and homely - an appeal to the reader to put the kettle on, pick up the book and settle back in front of the fire or curl up in a hammock. 

Soft colours and the romantic flowing font are in contrast with the fresh green of the young may leaves. Stark bare branches of a winter tree and the ancient cottage in the background, hint at the possibility of a bleaker narrative and the timeless universal tradition of storytelling. 

I can't invite you to tea, but feel free to comment here and do have a look at Ms.G's website:

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  1. Thank you for the kind words about the cover, Alicia! I love designing book covers and really enjoy working with authors to craft a cover that tantalizes readers to enjoy the wonderful story inside.

    I also really like the feel of your blog. Beautiful photos and thoughtful, creative posts. I will join in the cyber-celebration when your book is released!


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