Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Publication Day

Published. Fancy that. I could buy my book. Friends and family could buy my book. Acquaintances, colleagues, strangers - you could buy my book. We could buy it in pounds or dollars; for the first month, in pennies and cents - a special promotion, don't you know. We could read it as an ebook or print-on-demand. 

Stuck in an airport in view of the departure board... at the hairdressers, you know, the long drawn-out tinfoil Medusa stage... in the queue, on your Kindle, in case of flu or insurance against long winter evenings. Imagine the ways, the context and settings. 

Before I get too fanciful, I'll remember my manners. Thank you to the publishing team at Rogue Phoenix Press where you can have a browse, read an excerpt from May, and buy the book:


Thanks to my coach, family and friends, I value your support, comments and worldly wisdom in this and all matters.

Amazon are also selling the book. Search for May by Alicia Stone: 


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