Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Pink Trainers

These are definitely going into a story. Strange, I have spent my life avoiding pink, bubblegum and Barbie, but this pair was the perfect fit. I don't care. Rain or shine, night or day I'm happy to put the trainers on and go for a run. Previously not my favourite recreation after those wet splodgy cross-country runs at school; now I love getting out there. Worse, I miss a day and am all at sea, in a dither and out of sorts. Thanks to c25k. If you think you might be a latent runner, want quality thinking time while doing something active, enjoy movement and pushing yourself or even think you hate running, try this link: 

A 9-week series of podcasts get you onto your feet, moving forward and enjoying the challenge. Free and fun. Doesn't get better than this.  

Monday, 12 October 2015

Writing Time

A moment in time is captured: a sunny day, clear skies, the onset of autumn, tide out... 

The key element in favourite childhood books, Tom's Midnight Garden by the author Philippa Pearce an atmospheric story where a grandfather clock keeps peculiar time in an old house in the watery Fens. The Narnia books by C.S. Lewis, tales of magical other worlds and other times where adventurous children can slip between worlds and Time. Sci-Fi and historical fiction weave and play with time. The currently trending dystopian genre beguiling YAs imagines every weird distortion.   

Timing is quintessential. Timelines are essential. Whether the plot requires big picture and Shakespearean mis-timings with terrible consequences, or remembering that your heroine couldn't possibly be allowed to fly in the last month of her pregnancy and the micro comings and goings or minor characters. Grandiose or paltry, Time matters.