Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Pink Trainers

These are definitely going into a story. Strange, I have spent my life avoiding pink, bubblegum and Barbie, but this pair was the perfect fit. I don't care. Rain or shine, night or day I'm happy to put the trainers on and go for a run. Previously not my favourite recreation after those wet splodgy cross-country runs at school; now I love getting out there. Worse, I miss a day and am all at sea, in a dither and out of sorts. Thanks to c25k. If you think you might be a latent runner, want quality thinking time while doing something active, enjoy movement and pushing yourself or even think you hate running, try this link: 

A 9-week series of podcasts get you onto your feet, moving forward and enjoying the challenge. Free and fun. Doesn't get better than this.  

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