Monday, 14 March 2016

It's all in the Detail

Out and about yesterday I noticed this door. Small, I should say bigger than hobbit size - not for modern Europeans or basketball players.

Doors, portals, thresholds... a way inside. A barrier offering shelter, peace, space and protection. An interface between general society and your own.   

Handles, locks and keys...latches bolts and bars. Note the incongruous yale lock top right. Was this an after thought? Was there a time when a key wasn't needed. How then, was the door locked from inside? Who nailed the horizontal piece of wood to the top of the door? Why? What purpose does it serve? There is no letter box. Was there no expectation of a letter? Were there other arrangements made for post?

How old is the door? Who built the cottage? Was the door ever slammed in anger? What storms battered and punished the wooden studded panels? What quarrels, reconciliations, births and deaths occurred within? Is there a lintel hidden under the pink icing-sugar render? What secrets are kept by the door?

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