Friday, 20 May 2016


Norwegian friends have celebrated their national day; there are two bank holidays here in UK - it must be May.

The chestnut trees are resplendent in green, the five-fingered leaves and candle flowers are just perfect, and these pretty white may flowers with their delicate pink stamens are perfuming the hedgerows.
While the nights are cold and the wind chilly, there is a sense of promise as young shoots push up through the drills in the farmers' fields. 

I have just finished the most amazing course. Free, available to all and part of the lifelong learning programme of MOOC (Massive Open Online learning Course) part of an international community of courses promoting civic engagement. The last seven weeks have been a delight and a challenge as I signed up for the Open University Start Writing Fiction course delivered by FutureLearn:

Re-energised through discussions, exercises, giving and receiving  feedback and with some great tools to go away and try,  I am off to write my next story.    

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