Sunday, 19 June 2016


I seldom get irritated about waiting when I am not in a hurry. Unexpected, the small parcels of time are happy gifts and opportunities to think. I can scribble, read, listen to the radio, do some people watching or just let my mind be fallow for a few minutes.  

The perimeter of the car park changes with the seasons; at the moment, with all the rain, the colour is predominantly green and the growth is prolific. I was waiting for someone and spotted this sparrow fledgling. I caught him bouncing up and down on a briar.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Field Boundaries and Blurb

I was out for a walk yesterday and noticed spiders' webs alongside the edge of the field boundaries. Today I am grappling with the blurb for my next book in the Many a Moon series - June, and have used the image.

Living a lie in a web of deceit, Cassandra finds the courage to challenge her controlling husband. She sets in motion a tragic chain of events that leads her across Europe from the medieval city of Tallinn to the showboating glamour of Nice. Cast aside and the victim of cruel revenge, Cassandra fights for her future and discovers that she is not alone. Tested to her limits, events conspire to show her that where love is concerned there is always a reckoning.

Not sure about the size of those spiders.  

Looking forward to the publication of June in March 2017.