Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Colours and Curves

We were on the road the other evening and took a detour to a seaside town to let the rush hour traffic die down. Stretching our legs we walked across the old golf links keeping away from the promenade where high winds and high tide were beating the coastline. 

Cars had gathered and holidaymakers wrapped up against the wind searched the skies. The sky was overcast and grey threatening rain. What was everyone waiting for? 

As if on cue the Red Arrows streaked along the coast in an almost lazy performance of brilliant aeronautical acrobatics. Team GB were totting up the medals in Rio while here in a little sleepy town in Devon we were treated to a precision spectacular from the RAF. 

As the jets screamed and wheeled overhead the sun came out and the clouds parted. The crowd duly marvelled at the show. I enjoyed the shapes and colours trying not to think about fighter jets in other parts of the world where the sound brings terror and death. 

A clean image - a white rainbow.  

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