Thursday, 13 July 2017


A rich source of names - and stories, tombstones are one of my pleasures. If I'm ever stuck for a name I have a browse. 
Ghoulish? Not at all. Each engraving I read I am honouring the dead: for while they are remembered they are not forgotten. Surely the stonemason carved the details to be read and admired.
Unexpectedly, I have come across the grave of John Betjeman at St Enodoc's church in Cornwall, Evelyn Waugh's in Somerset, and have twice deliberately and reverently paid homage to Jane Austen in Winchester Cathedral. 
The not-at-all-famous are equally as  interesting; after all, death is a great leveller. Spot the play on words here in this seventeenth century epitaph I happened upon this morning. Which of us cannot but admire the worthy 'Timewell spent'?

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