Sunday, 20 August 2017

Holding On

This is quite a colony of mussels hanging in here together as the daily tides try to pull them from their rocky environment. 

Sometimes ideas are like that, they slip away and become illusive as I chase them through the thought processes. I almost have it ... then, gone. Holding on to an idea, exploring every element of it and following through to the end of the story is what writing is all about for me. 

Holding on to principles, values, and ideals can feel like a struggle when you are on your own. In a mass, standing shoulder to shoulder (or shell to shell!) there is greater ease and the power to weather the storm. The geopolitical maelstrom we live through today is the greatest storm of my lifetime and is echoed in the war story I'm writing at the moment. My main characters learn to hold on to and enjoy the quiet and calm while they can. 

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