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Title: More Than Just a Dog
Author: Genie Gabriel
ISBN: 978-1-62420-341-1

is the newest release from Rogue Phoenix Press

Genre: Paranormal
Book Heat Level: 3

Three generations of independent women, driven in different directions by one man's anger. Until his death reconnects them with their mystical Irish ancestors and wonders beyond this limited human existence. 
Trained in the shamanic arts by her Irish grandmother, Chessie Durand travels to alternate worlds to rescue animals in danger. Aided by her Chosen One, an angel dog and a mysterious merkaba necklace, she discovers powers unknown to most humans. 
Ever practical, her mother provides a sanctuary for these alien and exotic species stall-beside-stall with barnyard creatures. And when their paradise is threatened by ignorance and poachers and unknown dangers beyond the stargates, Marlise loads her shotgun and joins the fight. 

99 cents for a limited time.

Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble 

Hi there, Genie. Congratulations on the release of your new book. How are you feeling today?
Release day jitters have subsided and I’m feeling as normal as I ever get. LOL!

I have a few questions for you from a writer’s perspective, about More Than Just a Dog and writing generally. I haven’t read the story, but from the description alone my antennae is twitching and I want to know more.
You make mention of ‘mystical Irish ancestors’ in the story. What is it about the notion of Ireland that is so fascinating for you?
Perhaps I lived in Ireland in some past life. I have strawberry blonde hair and fair skin, like many Irish, and I love the green landscape as well as the myths and blessings that have been handed down as part of Irish folklore.

Can you tell us about the significance of the Merkaba necklace, and what the symbolism means to you?
During my training in Reiki, I was given several symbols to help focus on working with energy. When researching a mystical symbol to use in this book, More Than Just a Dog, I discovered the merkaba symbol is also associated with Reiki. When I saw the symbol, I knew in an instant it was ancient and sacred. Further research turned up more and more legends and connections of the merkaba to ancient civilizations and traveling through dimensions, yet always shrouded in mystery. How perfect is that for a curious writer?

Dogs are known as man’s best friends yet are all evolved from wolves. How do you marry the elements of the wild and domesticated in your experience of dogs, and your writing about them?

Since I received the gift of communicating with animals about ten years ago, I don’t make a distinction between wild and domesticated animals. I talk to all of them! They have shown me we are all sentient beings who are evolving. Not always equally, but we have changed and are changing, helping each other in this process.

What are you reading at the moment?
I am a self-help junkie, and usually am in the midst of half dozen self-improvement books. But sometimes I want total escape and look for short comedies. I also have a very long list of books of many genres from Rogue Phoenix Press authors that I want to read, as well as the books of numerous writer friends. And though I’m far past the age of Young Adult, somewhere along theline I got hooked on these novels that carry a sense of wonder, optimism
and hope.

What are your optimum writing conditions?
Butt in chair and write. LOL! Quiet is my number one priority when I’m writing a first draft. I’m really quite spoiled in that I have a home office dedicated to writing and my computer projects. My doggies insist on regular meals, but if I meet that requirement, they are usually happy to nap or cruise in and out of the back yard while I work.

What is the most challenging part of the writing process, and how do you overcome that challenge?
When I was first started writing about twenty-five years ago, everything was a challenge! I stumbled along,absorbed everything I could from other writers on their processes, rewrote and edited manuscripts over and over, shared my doubts with critique partners, and thought of quitting many times. Then came the writing marathon of publishing a series of ten stories two months apart.
These were on my publisher’s schedule, and I was committed to make this happen. Though sometimes I was hanging onto my sanity by one thin thread, I learned I could write lots of words faster than I thought possible. I also learned I didn’t want to do that again! Gaining that confidence in my ability to write is how I overcome whatever challenges come up now. Sometimes scenes flow faster than my fingers can race over the keyboard. Other times, there are gaping holes in the story with only notes of what I think might happen–before the characters charge off in a completely different direction. Also, I’m not afraid to edit–sometimes ruthlessly. If a favorite scene doesn’t move the story forward or ring true to a character, out it goes. (However, I do save these favorite scenes in a separate document, and have used a number of them at a later time, sometimes revamped to fit a different story.) Then my beta readers, critique partners and editor take over…

Thanks for sharing those thoughts and comments with us, Genie – it’s so interesting to learn how other writers work.
Good luck with the book and have a great tour.

Genie has a free digital copy of More Than Just a Dog to give to one randomly drawn reader who drops by and leaves a comment on this blog. 

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