Tuesday, 29 August 2017

What Do You See?

An old tree trunk doused in sunlight growing into a sandy bank, affording travellers along an ancient footpath shade from the midday sun. 

This oak tree has probably been here for hundreds of years. The bark is rough, full of lichen, gnarled, and hollowed at the base.

Notice the root in the foreground stretching from left to right and growing up the tree. Strange to see a root twisting and twining around the trunk rather than growing into the bank and securing the tree. Roots usually form a counterbalance beneath the sandy soil to the crown and canopy of branches and leaves above. 

Stranger yet, this root is like the figure of a climber pulling himself up. At this angle I can see the left leg, a straight back, head, and arms straining, stretching and reaching for the next hand hold.

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