Saturday, 27 January 2018

Fat and Sleek with a Lightsaber Tail

I've heard say that squirrels are vermin - all in the eye of the beholder. What a glorious creature vibrant and alive in the northern hemisphere's dull January. 
Paws firmly planted toes spread - poised to move quickly if needed. Looks ready to do a vertical take-off. Ears pricked, nostrils open, tail bolt upright. What a tail. A rainbow of furry colours. Bristling with life and light.
Nimble on the move: a climber, a jumper, almost in flight as he flings himself from branch to branch. I've never seen a squirrel fall or slip. Neither have I seen a squirrel swim come to that ... 
Herbivores, on the whole. they are a good advert for a plant-based diet in vegan January. However, when choice food is scarce squirrels will snack on the odd insect or two. 
I'm like the toddler in the park. Instantly cheered and transfixed when I see a squirrel. I have to stand and watch. 

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