Monday, 19 March 2018

Thoughtful and Determined

Found a new artist to admire on recent travels in Italy - Vittorio Corcos. I stood for ages gazing at this young woman who in turn regarded the painter, those passing through the gallery, and me.

The green ribbon of her hatband and pastel pink blossoms at her feet give the painting its dreamy mood - here is a woman caught in a moment of thought. Utterly feminine, yet the yellow of the books and sky blue scarf pull the observer up short. This is a woman who does not care if she is noticed. Her posture is defiant and calculated. The arm across the bench is not so relaxed. She could rise easily and lightly and argue her corner. 

Reminiscent of the poet 'Thinker' created by Auguste Rodin in the previous decade in neighbouring France, I feel that this study offers a challenge. Beauty and Reason vie for attention. Delightful and gorgeous in her reverie, the subject possesses great energy and determination.

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