Sunday, 20 May 2018

What's in a Book?

"'Electrifying.' One of the most profoundly important bestsellers of our time."

And so I found it. Published in 1974, this philosophical tale of a father and son who take a painful but enlightening motorcycle journey is a right-of-passage exploration of relationships and the restoration of mental health. 

The provenance of this copy is of equal importance, as the book, too, has had many journeys. Held together by a rubber band, both front and back covers have come loose. The spine is broken, and the pages are worn. 

Between the pages I found contact details of someone on the back of a sound system sticker from Canada; a ticket for the Galleria Nazionale d'Art Moderna (mine, forgotten, holding the page), for an exhibition entitled 'Time is Out of Joint', and a selection of some Western record releases carefully cut out of a magazine. Did whoever cut them out ever listen to the music? Ideas mapped onto ideas. Journeys part of journeys. There's so much more to a book than its cover. 

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